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Apilus Electrolysis Treatments

100% Gentle Permanent Hair Removal using the Apilus advanced machine.

This method of permanent hair removal can be used on any skin or hair type and area and any hair pigment making it the most effective method of permanent hair removal still today.


See Also Laser Hair Removal, Alkaline Wash


Advanced Electrolysis Treatments

All of the procedures below use a heat producing current which coagulates the blood supply. The skin can become pink and feel warm after the treatment, but with no active blood supply to the area, the problem clears with the minimum of fuss. A full consultation and after care advice is always provided to our clients.


Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tags are small fleshy moles that can hang loose away from the skins surface. They are removed by slicing through the ‘stalk’ that attach’s the skin tag to the surface, which in turn cauterises the blood supply and the skin tag then comes away.


Milia Removal

Milia or white heads are small white hard lumps caused by a fatty deposit, which are caught under the the skins layers, with no pore opening.