IPL Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are often forgotten about in our skincare regimes, yet like our face they are exposed to external damaging factors all year round and often are a tell-tale sign of how old someone is. At Sussex Skin and Laser clinic we use our medical graded Intense Pulse Light and Laser system to address these aspects of premature ageing and stimulate collagen within the skin. We achieve phenomenal results with our medical grade Lynton IPL and Laser machine, reducing pigmentation/age spots, evening out the skin tone and stimulating collagen in the skin, your hands will not only look clear, but the skin will be more supple and youthful.

IPL Hand Rejuvenation Treatments are £110 per treatment or £250 for a course of 3, Typically a minimum of 1-3 Treatments are required for optimum results.

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