Pigment Removal

Pigmented lesions such as sunspots, age spots and freckles can be triggered by excessive sun exposure, age, hereditary factors or hormones. Pigmentation can occur on the face, hands, arms, shoulders and chest. You may notice your pigmentation becomes more apparent in the summer months; this is your skin’s response to an increase in sun exposure.



With our award winning device at The Sussex Skin and Laser Clinic, Bexhill we have a solution that enables us to achieve airbrushed and flawless skin for our clients.

Discolouration and sun damage are a key sign of ageing, with an increase in pigmented lesions you will experience uneven skin tone and a lack of radiance. This non-invasive treatment uses laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) to break down the targeted cells, while stimulating collagen and elastin production. Pigmented lesions such as sunspots, age spots, and freckles can be successfully cleared creating a more flawless, youthful, and glowing appearance.

  • Please note Pigmentation or Laser Skin treatments are not suitable for anyone with a skin type of 4 or above this is due to the amount of melanin/pigment found naturally, there is a higher risk of adverse effects within the skin such as burning or hyperpigmentation

Top Pigmentation Facts

- Melanin defines your skin tone
- Pigmentation is a treatable condition
- When it comes to sun protection, high spf and consistency is the key
- With advanced age, skin starts losing its natural even tone, overexposure to the sun does the maximum damage – wear a daily SPF all year round

Treatment Price - Prices Start at £90
For multiple spots or larger areas price available at consultation.

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