PhotoFacial (Skin Rejuvenation)


This scientifically proven and advanced skin rejuvenation treatment is a restorative and illuminating facial that gives your skin long-lasting luminosity and a brightening of skin tone for optimal skin health.

Your Natural ‘Filter’

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£390 for a course of 3 PhotoFacial Full Face (recommended)

Face, Neck and Chest PhotoFacial Course of 3 £750

  • Please note for new clients a consultation and patch test is required to book at least one week prior to full treatment.
  •  Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatments are not suitable for anyone with a skin type of 4 or above this is due to the amount of melanin/pigment found naturally, there is a higher risk of adverse effects within the skin such as burning or hyperpigmentation


Everyone is using filters to achieve the appearance of airbrushed skin, with the PhotoFacial you will no longer need to apply a filter. Together we can rejuvenate, enhance, and illuminate your skin’s natural beauty. This quick and simple rejuvenating treatment dramatically improves skin tone and appearance, helping your skin feel and look it’s best as if lit from within.


The Photo Facial is the ideal treatment for:

Skin rejuvenation
Dull and tired skin
Uneven skin tone
Improving skin texture
Age spots
General redness
Vascular lesions



The Photo Facial is a 4 step treatment

1. Cleanse - The first step in achieving clear, healthy, radiant skin will involve a deep cleanse to remove any impurities

2. Fruit Acid Peel - Following a deep cleanse, a Fruit Acid Peel will be applied to your skin, for anywhere between 3 – 10 minutes. This peel resurfaces skin texture and decongests pores, priming the skin ready for stage 3 of the PhotoFacial.

3. Lynton IPL - Post fruit peel, your skin will be at its optimum condition for the application of the award-winning Lynton Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. This works by both stimulating collagen and targeting any discolouration on your skin, e.g. freckles, pigmentation, vascular lesions, general redness. In most cases, the results are instant, providing you with dramatically clearer, firmer skin.

4. Hydrate & Protect - To help maximise the results your of your PhotoFacial treatment, a trio of specialist serums will be applied to your skin post-IPL, helping soothe, regenerate and protect your skin.

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